Jewel Shaw


Jewel Shaw

Printmaker, Canada

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Artist Statement

The drawn line has become a symbolic representation of existence in my work. Similar to writing in a journal, drawing and re-drawing a spare set of found objects has become a daily ritual in my studio practice. Through tracing and transfer processes, I am documenting memories and experiences that may be real or imagined, literal or metaphoric. The objects drawn, such as animal muzzles, snouts, tools and old machinery are meant to expose personal feelings of containment, memory and loss while pictorial/compositional decisions reveal internal landscapes where ideas of identity and place are examined.

It is my intent to create works that allow for illusion and open-ended quality as well as provoke and invite viewers to speculate on implied narratives as well as possible symbolic associations with the objects rendered within the compositions. These vestiges of memories, objects and time are intertwined and become united within the picture plane and become a personal archive where political and social issues can be played out.